The project’s objectives constitute in providing continuous education and raising awareness among the first line practitioners. Successfully preventing terrorist activities and the spread of extremist ideologies requires the active participation of a wide-range of actors and institutions. More specifically, the participation of first line police offices, prison officers, coast guards, secret services employees, custom employees, asylum service employees and first reception service employees is an important component in preventing radicalisation. Education and awareness renders these actors capable of identifying signs of radicalisation on an early stage.

Moreover, it renders them also capable of offering support to individuals at risk or of referring these individuals to specialists for further assistance.

More specifically, the project’s objectives are:

1. To prevent terrorism and violent extremism.

2. To ensure cooperation between actors and institutions in order to provide continuous education and to raise awareness of first line practitioners as well the general public, in relation to the phenomenon of radicalisation.

3. To implement international standards and best practice.

4. To upgrade the country’s security through the prevention of radicalisation.

5. To offer support and advice in preventing radicalisation.